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"Jamez is incredibly talented at what he does. Not only will he make your hair look amazing, but he’s a strong advocate for excellent hair care. I continuously get compliments on how wonderful my hair looks and feels!! My hair is in the best condition it has been in, all because of JAMEZ!!" 

Ashley West 

Jamez Smith has been my hair stylist for over the past 12 years. He’s an amazing stylist who specializes in hair “care”. He’s trustworthy, reliable and a good listener...Overall your salon experience with Jamez will get you the end result you wanted!

Stephanie Kilpatrick-Taylor

Hi this is Phylicia Lacy I just wanted to take this time out and speak about my experience that I have with Jamez Smith.. I started seeing Jamez since August 2011 and from that point on I have seen a big difference with hair especially with growth. I can honestly say my hair is very healthy and and well trained and I get compliments every time I leave his chair. I even get compliments when my hair is in a ponytail lol. 

Phylica Lacy

Perfection! Jamez is multi-talented, the utmost professional and you always leave his chair with a smile because no one can style hair like he does.

Tracey Rodgers

Jamez has been my stylist for almost 10 years. He is an amazing stylist and colorist. Over the years he has remained consistent; always professional, patient , and focused. He does whatever required to always provide optimal service for each client.

Jade Lee

I first started going to Jamez (should we say Smith too?) in 2012. My sister Jade recommended that I go to him for a consultation after being frustrated with minimal growth, and excessive breakage being a “Naturalista” for 7 years prior. Jamez began my real hair journey that day, by teaching me how to help him care for my hair.    Today, after many sessions (for both hair care and talk “therapy”) I not only have 21 inches of healthy and beautiful real  hair, I now also have a friend in my stylist Jamez, and have recommended him to over 50 people and still counting!

Maryum Lee

-Dawn Crawly

...A coloring, cutting, styling machine!!..A coloring superstar to his clients.... 

Debbie Washington

Jamez is a very personable and sensitive to his clients hair needs. Very knowledgeable on her texture , hair health and style. I have trusted Jamez with my hair for the past year and never been disappointed 

Carolyn Cavaness

Jamez is a amazing hairstylist cut color and style .. 12.5 Years

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